Conference Live Streaming

by | Sep 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Conferences are a great way to communicate with the crowd. Some of the biggest influencers in the 21st century, such as Gary V, use conferences to deliver their wisdom to the audience and get handsomely paid for it.

A person can attend a conference in person but watching it online is much more convenient and, if the organizer records it, anyone can rewatch the parts they didn’t catch the first time around. All of this is made possible thanks to the cool trick of conference live streaming.

Streaming by yourself

It is possible to set up a live stream on your own, though it does take quite a bit of know-how. Before you can even think of streaming, you have to understand video and audio formats. Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to software and hardware needed.

If there’s going to be several speakers at the conference, their voices should be captured independently and mixed to equalize. You might also want to allow audience participation, in which case that’s another variable you need to take into account.

Next up, you need a specialized camera that can handle live streaming. If you want zooming and panning, you need to keep it in mind and get a suitable camera or the video feed will turn out blurry. There’s a lot of nuance related to streaming and that’s just the video and audio part.

Internet connectivity is next up on the checklist. You would ideally use a cable connection, since it will ensure an uninterrupted video feed. Using a Wi-Fi can work too but you need to position everything just right.

Stream setup tips and tricks

Ideally, you want to have everything set up so the audience and the speaker don’t even notice the streaming. They should both have the freedom to be immersed in the event, without having to worry about any interruptions.

This means you should do extensive testing before the event and also a practice run to iron out the kinks. If you’re using cables, they should be secured in a way that nobody can damage them or trip over them. Tripods, platforms and microphones should also be fastened so they can’t get easily dislodged or damaged.

The internet connection should be tested too, especially upload speed. 2 Mbps are enough for standard definition video but if you want high definition video, you need much more. You could also spice up the conference by offering something novel, such as a VR stream for your viewers who have the hardware.

How would a professional do it?

Two benefits of being a professional in charge of live streaming are having the right tools and the expertise to use them. If you hire a professional, you will get extensive testing before the event and a smooth operation during, without you having to do anything. After the event, the professional will dismantle everything and again you don’t have to lift a finger to help.

Another cool thing about the professional in charge of live streaming is customization. If you have any special wishes, the professional can make them happen. This includes recording the stream in a format you want and arranging several cameras, with one being handheld and the rest static.

By hiring a professional to handle your live stream, you can dedicate yourself to organizing the conference event. The professional will bring in the hardware and software, alongside an additional crew if needed. However, if you need someone to handle a larger event, you should probably hire a live streaming company.


Conferences are a great way to create a wonderful atmosphere but the trouble is in getting people to attend. Live streaming is a huge source of untapped potential when it comes to organizing conferences, since it helps the viewers attend at their own convenience. Add in the option to record a conference and you’ve got an amazing way to share information at a small upfront cost.

The only trouble with live streaming is knowing how to set it up. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitch promise hands-free live streaming but that’s not how it works. You will still have to set things up before you can start streaming, especially if you want high quality video.

If you need a professional live streaming company, get in touch with us. We have the tools, the expertise and the crew to handle conferences of any size. Even if you still want to make the stream yourself, contact us and we will provide you with free advice.